Welcome to the official website for the Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Breeders’ Association. Whether you have a particular interest in Wensleydale sheep, or are just browsing, please take a look around and meet a unique breed – stunning in looks and versatile in performance

The Wensleydale is a very large sheep, one of the heaviest of our native breeds. It is a visually striking sheep with considerable presence. It has bold and alert carriage which is accentuated by its broad, level back on wide quarters and strong thighs. It has a distinctive deep blue head and ears, which should be clean except for a well developed forelock of wool, usually referred to as the “topping”. Both sexes are naturally polled

A separate register is maintained in the flock book for black Wensleydales, which occur naturally as a result of a double recessive black gene (this is not exclusive to the Wensleydale). Although referred to as “black” Wensleydales, the colour will vary from silver to jet black.  Lambs are generally born black or charcoal grey. The darker fleeces have a tendency to ‘grey’ with age as a result of the appearance of white fibres and the tips of the staples weather to a golden brown or beige



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The Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Breeders’ Association uses Grassroots Pedigree Software Solutions in order to allow members to easily view pedigree bloodlines within the breed. It can also be used to check for suitable dams and sire combinations using the “checkmate” feature as well as to manage their own flock


Wensleydales are addictive

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