A serendipitous discovery….

Agnes Winter writes

“I volunteer at Fairfax House, a Georgian townhouse in York. Today I was helping in the library where there was a pile of mid-19th century newspapers. My eyes lighted on the front page of the one lying on top, the York Herald dated July 25th 1846. As everyone knows, the Wensleydale breed traces back to the ram Bluecap, born in 1839, bred by Mr Richard Outhwaite of Appleton by a ram hired from Mr Sonley of Lund Court, near Kirby Moorside. Imagine my surprise at what I saw among a column of advertisements on the front page – and this is only 7 years after Bluecap was born.

Perhaps there are adverts in earlier years but sadly there were no earlier copies in the pile. However there is obviously some research that could be done by anyone interested in these sort of things.

I’ve been helping in the house ever since I moved to York nine years ago but this is the first time I’ve had the newspapers out of the rack in which they normally sit. Serendipitous indeed!

Best wishes

Agnes Winter”

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