THANKYOU to everyone who participated in the 2020 Photo show, what a massive entry we had. Before we reveal the results, a few words from our judge WLSBA Chair Dr Lynn Clouder who had a massive undertaking choosing through these. Some of the classes had in excess of 20 entries….

“I thoroughly enjoyed judging the photographic competition with an amazing 130 entries. Some of the classes were really difficult particularly the ‘best farm cat of dog’ which had the largest number of entries. These were my selections on the day but many of those not selected were great photographs. I have made my choices based on how the photograph brings out the quality of the animals or crafts but also thinking about the composition, the light and artistic merit. Some have been selected because they capture the animal quirks with which we’re all familiar or because they are lucky shots caught on camera.” – Lynn

Well done to everyone, rosettes for 1st to 3rd will be in the post shortly to you all and we’ve turned our favourites (some of those placed and some other special ones) into our 2021 Calendar – out soon!

Class 1;

  1. Ram
    1. Nick Oliver; 2 Mark Elliott; 3 John McHardy; 4 Tina Gilbey; 5 Stella Cosgrove

2. Full wool.  1. Stella Cosgrove; 2. Nicki Hodkinson; 3. Nicki Hodkinson; 4. Stella Cosgrove ;  5 Charlie Dodd

3. Ewe and lambs  1.  Jennifer Hunter; 2. Nicki Hodkinson; 3. Charlie Dodd; 4. Holly Thornton;  5. Hannah Watson;

4. Best flock or group  1.  Jenny Richardson; 2. Lynn Scott; 3. Olivia Conner; 4. Stella Cosgrove; 5. Nick Oliver

5. Farm cat or dog 1. Mark Elliott; 2. Tina Gilbey; 3. Holly Thornton; 4. Lynn Scott; 5. Katie Collins

6. Best cockerel 1 Ali Parsons; 2. Olivia Conner; 3. Emma Stacey; 4. Sandra Thompson; 5. Charlie Dodd

7. Best group of hens  1. Sandra Thompson; 2. Angus & Alfie Millar; 3. Sandra Thompson; 4. Katie Collins;  5. Alfie Millar

8. Cake  1. Sandra Thompson; 2.Ali Parsons; 3. Katie Collin; 4 Olivia Conner; 5. Olivia Conner

9. Craft 1. Ali Parsons; 2. Lynn Scott; 3 Katie Collins; 4 Lynn Scott; 5. Lynn Scott

10. Childs art   1 Becki Lou Stacey; 2. Ted – Eileen Brooks ; 3 Alice and James Watson; 4. Alice Watson; 5. Ted – Eileen Brooks