New Wensleydale World

2022 Wensleydale World – Edition 6

We are delighted that the production of a 6th edition of the Wensleydale World is nearly completion thanks to the hard work of a small team of WLSBA members. The last edition was published in 2008 so we are excited to bring a new version to members full of interesting articles, images and stories. 

For those who are familiar with the older editions, many flocks supported the publication with small adverts with their flock details. They also offer a really interesting insight into the Flocks at the time of publication when we look back at the editions. The WW Edition 6 will be used for promotional material for the forthcoming future, just like the previous editions and be sent to all new and interested members. 
Advertising Rates are as follows.

Inside Front Cover/Back Cover – £150 each
Whole Page -£100
Half Page £60
Quarter Page £40

We are MORE than happy to help members design their adverts, all we need are a few words, a nice photograph and any contact details you may want adding to it and email them to (or post to the normal address and we will scan and return any photographs). Alternatively please just email across your completed adverts if you are happy to design your own.

Deadline is Friday 4th March
Thankyou for your support 
Childrens Gallery! 

We would like to include within the WW Ed. 6 a gallery of childrens Wensleydale artwork! Please do encourage your little ones (children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, anybody small and under 18!) to do a lovely piece of artwork and then scan and email to or
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