Pedigree & Crossbreeding

Wensleydales were originally developed for crossing on to hill ewes to produce the original Masham. Today, though they are still used for crossing, they are predominantly used for pedigree breeding to maintain rare bloodlines. This guide is developed to help anyone interested in using Wensleydales for either purpose and that would like to learn more

Wensleydale Husbandry

Wensleydales have some specific husbandry requirements that new or soon-to-be breeders might not be familiar with. Read on to find some advice on how to keep your sheep – and their fleeces! – healthy and thriving

Show Preparation

Preparing Wensleydales for agricultural shows is an art in itself, this is a helpful guide full of tips and tricks on how to make your sheep look their very best ready for when they enter the show ring

Showing Fleeces

A comprehensive guide to showing your fleeces off the sheep in dedicated wool classes and how to present them correctly for judging

Shearing & Wool Storage

Shearing your Wensleydales and storing their wool correctly is very important to the value of the clip. Here you can learn about best practices to make the most out of your fleeces

Wool Processing

Want to learn more about the process of having your Wensleydale fleeces turned into commercially spun yarn? This is a guide to preparing your fleeces for mill processing along with a helpful list of UK mills

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